2016–17 Salon Members

The Ethical Redevelopment Salon is a membership-based, social-learning network and peer-mentorship club. The Salon fosters relationships through cross-city networks and cross-sector innovation, and provides members with the knowledge and support needed to create meaningful community change. From July 2016 to April 2017, Place Lab will host monthly Salon Sessions focused on city-building methods that depart from profit-driven interventions.

Each Session will explore one of the 9 Principles, analyze member projects and processes, and refine the underlying strategies of Ethical Redevelopment. Although the Sessions are private, the content generated will be shared for discussion on our public forum.

Salon members hail from around the nation and represent diverse backgrounds of expertise and experience. Member projects range from implemented to conceptual, and the Sessions will adapt to members' real-time needs and issues.

Ethical Redevelopment Salon Sessions are made possible with the support of